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With three episodes under his belt Queens has turned out to be a fast-paced music soap opera with a plot that interweaves ridiculousness and depth to create mixed effects. Episode 4, “Ain’t No Sunshine” will test the show’s ability to handle a funeral arch now that Brianna’s family situation has worsened.

We started the series with the wife and mother of five, cast in the shadow of her husband’s career and the role she took on to support his dreams. No longer driven by the strength and charisma of her stage personality Professor Sex, Brianna had very little presence given the needs of her family.

However, she reclaimed her voice after catching her husband cheating on her with one of his college students and decided to reunite with The Nasty B ** ches when they were called on to perform. Brianna wasn’t even stopped by her husband’s cancer diagnosis. She decided to nurse him back to health while pursuing another chance for fame.

Last week’s episode “Who Do You Call a B ** ch?” shook her world in ways she couldn’t have expected, especially when she got to a place where she wanted to try her marriage again. As such, “Ain’t No Sunshine” will be a dark and reflective episode for Brianna, who had only just begun to regain her glamor.

What is Queens Episode 4 “Ain’t No Sunshine” about?

Brianna went from a despised woman to an aspiring phoenix to a widow in three episodes. It’s a lot to do, but luckily she has her girls by her side to weather this storm.

However, she has many complicated feelings surrounding the death of her husband, not to mention five grieving children to mother and comfort, as well as the first fruits of a musical resurgence. Brianna just got her magic back as P. Sex, but it may be time to hang up her gold chain sooner than she thought possible.

Life is coming at a fast pace for all queens as Jill grapples with the consequences of her dropping out on Tina in “Who Are You Calling a B ** ch?” It’s been a headache for her lately. She came out as a lesbian, claimed her place in her denomination, and came under the wing of a group of lesbians who have been out for years.

But in her new life full of opportunities she never thought she could, Jill may not be as ready to adjust to a relationship as she thought. She loves Tina, but love may not be enough to bind her without living her life as a single woman.

As for Naomi, the question of who her daughter’s father is could be answered in “Ain’t No Sunshine”. We never found out if Cam’ron was JoJo’s father or not when he inquired about it, and now it’s E-Roc’s turn to knock on Naomi’s door.

Old wounds will definitely be opened because the answer to that question is sure to hurt no matter what Naomi says to him. After all, E-Roc messed with both Valeria and Naomi at the time and at some point they were both pregnant.

Valeria opted for an abortion while Naomi kept her child, but in either case, E-Roc couldn’t be a father, which he clearly wants. If JoJo is his daughter, he has missed her growing up and if not, his dream of becoming a father will remain unfulfilled.

“Ain’t No Sunshine” is sure to bring the pain.

So watch Queens episode 4 “Ain’t No Sunshine” live online

date: Tuesday, November 9, 2021
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episode: Season 1, Episode 4, “Ain’t No Sunshine”
channel: ABC
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