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Wealthy businessman slapped with R70,000 monthly child support fee after offering R2,000, hugs Mzansi

  • A businessman has been ordered by the Johannesburg High Court to pay over R70,000 a month in child support
  • This is after he initially offered to pay R2,000 per month for his minor child as he undergoes legal divorce proceedings from his wife.
  • Court evidence revealed the man had multiple sources of income and had an abusive personality

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South Africans are up in arms over reports of a wealthy man who was ordered by the High Court in Johannesburg to pay over R70,000 a month in child support for his underage child after he offered to paying a meager 2,000 rand per month until his divorce from his wife was finalized.

Child maintenance in South Africa is a matter of legal interest. The law recognizes that children under the age of 18 must obtain the support of their biological parents, who may or may not be married, separated or divorced.

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Failing to care for minors is punishable by law, Briefly News reported.

Businessman, R70K, Childcare, R2K, Mzansi
A divorcing businessman has been ordered to pay over R70,000 in child support. Image: Stock Images/GettyImages
Source: Getty Images

According to SchedulesLIVEthe mother, who sued in December, demanded that she be granted the primary residence of their minor child, a contribution towards her legal costs and other redress.

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Her husband, who responded to her request a day before the hearing, argued that he was already contributing “R2,000 a month for meals for the child”.

It was also reported that the couple got married in the late 90s and had two children. Court documents detail how the woman allegedly suffered a long history of abuse, intimidation and violence at the hands of her husband, who is said to have a dominant personality.

SchedulesLIVE also reported that evidence revealed that the father had multiple sources of income. He earns R40,000 from his employer, he is a spiritual guide – which is described as a lucrative practice – earns extra income working with stock brokers, has a working farm in Egypt and earns rental income on the property he rents there.

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Stunned Saffas flocked to the Facebook post about the couple’s marital troubles and shared their two cents on the matter.

Adel Phetoane replied

“The man is rich, they say he owns farms in Egypt, owns properties which he rents out, has 25 million rands in the bank, not to mention cars and other small businesses he owns, now he wants to give his ex-wife 2,000 rand for maintenance. Kudos to the court.”

Monama Malose commented:

“Sad day for our justice. Men will always be at the mercy of severe penalties. You might even find that he gave her a sena selo and made her who she is today. Unfortunately, as a man, the blame always falls on you. I suggest he appeal and get a real lawyer.

Simpson Maanda said:

“We advise men against getting married every day, but he went ahead and got married. Let him pay.

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Ncobi SA wrote:

“People with a poverty mentality, there are people who bring home bo ma R300-R500k per month, money that you and I cannot imagine. Obviously, this man is not a security guard or a teacher. There are schools where tuition fees are over R10,000 per month, just because your child goes to a free school, you think raising a child is cheap. The judges are mostly male and many factors were taken into consideration before this order was issued.

South Africans Share Reasons Women Thrive After Divorce

In a separate story, In brief News reported that divorce is a touchy subject for some and is sure to elicit some interesting opinions. A woman named Motla (@Motla_M) posed a thought-provoking question online about why a terminated marriage is in the best interests of so many women.

Taking to Twitter, she asked:

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“Most women thrive after divorce. Why is that?”

The responses were opinionated and plentiful as the Saffa gathered in the comments to share their responses to the burning question. While some referred to divorce settlements favoring women, others said it was because women got a new lease on life after divorce.

Source: News in Brief