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Apply for easy loans to pay the bills during confinement

The rapid-spreading coronavirus epidemic has caused the economy to come to the brink of a halt.Certain people lose their jobs, while others live with pay cuts or no paid leave.The cost of EMIs, bill payments or other essentials for daily living are at risk and there aren’t many ways to pay for the cash shortage

Although it is true that the Reserve Bank of India and the government have come forward to help people by providing to an EMI moratorium on loan terms and an partial withdrawal from EPFO however, this might not be sufficient for everyone or be applicable to everyone.

If you’re looking to borrow money to help cover this temporary lack of cash, you can choose the option of a lower cost. you can obtain loans for as little as 1 cent.

What are the terms and conditions for a 1% easy loan?

The initial requirement to apply for the loan having an “PPF account”.If you already have an PPF account, then you may get a loan for just 1% of interest.

But, you’re not entitled to this during the third year after the account was opened.The window for loans closes when the sixth year has ended.It means the loans won’t be available from 3 and 6 years after the account was established.

What is the best ROI?

The real interest rate is significantly higher because the PPF investments that are in line with the loan amount don’t accrue any interest until loan paid back and even if you pay 1% for the total amount.

In the last month, the federal government cut the investment return in PPF earlier this month. The government had reduced the return on investment of PPF from 7.9 percent to 7.1 percentage.If you are able to borrow cash out of your PPF account right now the ROI you will earn is 8.1 (7.1 + 1.) percentage.

How do you withdraw funds from your PPF accounts?

You can only take out 25 percent of your PPF balance at the close of the second year that immediately precedes the year that you request the loan.

For instance, if you request the loan during the fiscal year 2020-21 in which case you’ll receive an amount equal to 25% of loan balance at the time of March 31, 2019.

After seventh year onwards you are able to withdraw a portion of the PPF account.

How can you take out loans one after the other?

The loan is only granted only once per year, and you are able to obtain a second loan once you’ve completed the full repayment of the initial loan.

The application isn’t based on the credit score of the applicant and borrowers do not have to guarantee any collateral to get this PPF loan.

How will the loan be repayable?

If you do not pay in time In the event of late payments, 6% interest is added to the loan balance.You are required to repay the principle amount within 3 or 36 months.

The full payment at once or in multiple months in payments (2 at least).Following the payment of your principal amount, you must pay the remaining interest on the loan should be paid out in 2 installments.

How can I request a loan from PPF account? PPF accounts?

People with an account with a PPF account are able to apply using this method.

  • Visit the website of the bank
  • Verify your loan’s eligibility
  • To request a loan, send a form D to the Post office, bank or.

A majority of banks offer online facilities to submit the form.In some instances, it is necessary to travel to the branch in your home.The process (whether offline or online) and the time to process vary depending on the lending institution or the post office.

Why should you take out a loan from PPF account? PPF accounts?

The loan from a PPF account is more affordable than other personal loans however, it shouldn’t be the first option for a consumer.The second limitation of this choice is that the amount of loan is not always sufficient for all customers.

“Taking the loans offered by PPF should not be a great option as the amount of the loan is restricted to lower amounts because you can only get an amount equal to 25% of your balance of the account. Additionally, there are limitations on the time that you are able to borrow during the loan period the account doesn’t accrue any interest, and as such, you will not earn the benefits and get significantly lower returns.”